Sir Ken Robinson and Changing Paradigms

Sir Ken Robinson is an inspiring and engaging speaker. The animated version of this lecture or part of it, I believe is also worthwhile. I applaud his advocacy for the arts in education. There are too many school districts in which arts have become marginalized or discontinued due to budget restraints and I fear this will only get worse. The data he shares on the decreasing percentage of divergent thinking over our years of school time is haunting. I believe many teachers try to give open-ended and creative activities and opportunities for response, but standardized testing creates enormous pressure to drill skills in a narrow format. I disagree with Sir Robinson on the issue of class size. I do think that class size makes a difference. I have mixed feelings on the issue of ADD. Medications probably are over-prescribed and maybe in haste to control behavior that is more of a learning style than a problem. I think Sir Ken’s last slide would make an excellent anchor chart for a classroom. Vitality, Creativity, Diversity and Customization!

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